1999 BDT 1799 BDT

Size :

80 mg Caffeine

600 mg Taurine

When pure caffeine is taken in optimal doses, significant performance enhancement, pain and muscle soreness reduction have been proven by studies. CAFFEINE also stimulates the central nervous system increasing alertness, mental focus, and boosts metabolic rate.

Taurine is an amino acid performing important metabolic functions. This biological compound is not the building element of the body proteins, however it is very important in the amino acids transformation processes. Taurine is one of the major stores of organic nitrogen, obstructing catabolism and contributing to the growth of lean body weight. Taurine is also important for the operation of the nervous system; it stimulates and mobilises, and reduces tiredness.

Taurine - an exogenous amino acid for growing organisms and regenerating after intensive exertion. It improves nitrogen balance; it inhibits catabolism; it counteracts fatigue; it increases endurance; it facilitates intramuscular transportation of glucose and creatine.